You can find here current working papers, publications, and permanent working papers.

Working papers

Fintech Lending Under Austerity (with Yan Alperovych and Anantha Divakaruni). June 2024. [abs] [bib]

Non-Keynesian Stabilizers and Inflation Dynamics (with Xavier Ragot and Thomas Bourany). May 2024. [abs] [bib]

Should we Increase or Decrease Public Debt? Optimal Fiscal Policy with Heterogeneous Agents (with Xavier Ragot). February 2024. Conditionally accepted at Journal of Political Economy. [abs] [bib]

Recursive Preferences, the Value of Life, and Household Finance (with Antoine Bommier, Cormac O’Dea and Daniel Harenberg). Online Appendix. November 2023. R&R at Management Science. [abs] [bib]

Risk Aversion and Savings Behavior (with Antoine Bommier and Lionel Wilner). September 2023. [abs] [bib]

Should Monetary Policy Care About Redistribution? Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents (with Alaïs Martin-Baillon and Xavier Ragot). GitHub. December 2022. R&R at Review of Economic Studies. [abs] [bib]

Recursive Preferences and the Value of Life. Theory and Application to Epidemics (with Antoine Bommier and Daniel Harenberg). Julia codes. July 2022. [abs] [bib]

The Welfare of Nations: Do Social Preferences Matter for the Macroeconomy? (with Xavier Ragot and Diego Rodrigues). April 2022. [abs] [bib]

The Variance Risk Premium in Crude Oil Futures Markets: Incorporating the OVX Time Series in a Stochastic Volatility Model (with Lorenz Schneider). January 2022. [abs] [bib]

Interest Rate and Existence of Stationary Equilibria in Incomplete Insurance-Market Economies (with Xavier Ragot). February 2020. [abs] [bib]


Penultimate working paper versions of publications are linked.

Uncovering Asset Market Participation from Household Consumption and Income (with Veronika Czellar and René Garcia). Online Appendix. Forthcoming in Journal of Econometrics. 2023. [abs] [bib]

Optimal Policies with Heterogeneous Agents: Truncation and Transitions (with Xavier Ragot). Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 156, 2023, pp. 104737. [abs] [bib] [pub]

The Impact of Risk Aversion and Ambiguity Aversion on Annuity and Saving Choices (with Eric André and Antoine Bommier). Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 65, August 2022, pp. 33-56. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Refining the Truncation Method to Solve Heterogeneous-Agent Models (with Xavier Ragot). Annals of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 146, June 2022, pp. 65-91. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Managing Inequality over Business Cycles: Optimal Policies with Heterogeneous Agents and Aggregate Shocks (with Xavier Ragot). International Economic Review, Vol. 63(1), February 2022, pp. 511-540. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Sovereign Default and Liquidity: The Case for a World Safe Asset (with Xavier Ragot). Journal of International Economics, Vol. 131, July 2021, pp. 103462. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Defaulting Firms and Systemic Risks in Financial Networks: A Normative Approach (with Nicolas Houy and Frédéric Jouneau-Sion). Economic Theory, Vol. 70, July 2020, pp. 503-526. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Optimizing Treatment Combination for Lymphoma Using an Optimization Heuristic (with Nicolas Houy). Mathematical Biosciences, Vol. 315, September 2019, pp. 108227. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Ambiguity and Endogenous Discounting? (with Antoine Bommier and Asen Kochov). Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol. 83, August 2019, pp. 48-62. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Personalized Oncology with Artificial Intelligence: The Case of Temozolomide (with Nicolas Houy). Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, Vol. 99, August 2019, pp. 101693. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Perron-Frobenius Theory Recovers More Than What You Might Think: The Example of Limited Participation. Economics Letters, Vol. 174, January 2019, pp. 186-188. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Risk Aversion and Precautionary Savings in Dynamic Settings (with Antoine Bommier). Fortran codes. Management Science, Vol. 65(3), March 2019, pp. 1386-1397. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Optimizing Immune Cell Therapies with Artificial Intelligence (with Nicolas Houy). Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 461, January 2019, pp. 34-40. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Optimal Dynamic Regimens with Artificial Intelligence: The Case of Temozolomide (with Nicolas Houy). PLoS ONE, Vol. 13(6), June 2018, pp. e0199076. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Administration of Temozolomide: Comparison of Conventional and Metronomic Chemotherapy Regimens (with Nicolas Houy). Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 446, June 2018, pp. 71-78. [abs] [bib] [pub]

A Class of Tractable Incomplete-Market Models for Studying Asset Returns and Risk Exposure (with Xavier Ragot). European Economic Review, Vol. 103, April 2018, pp. 39-59. [abs] [bib] [pub]

On Monotone Recursive Preferences (with Antoine Bommier and Asen Kochov). Econometrica, Vol. 85(5), September 2017, pp. 1433-1466. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Existence of Equilibria in Exhaustible Resource Markets with Economies of Scale and Inventories (with Antoine Bommier and Lucas Bretschger). Economic Theory, Vol. 63(3), March 2017, pp. 687-721. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Incomplete Markets and Derivative Assets (with Xavier Ragot). Economic Theory, Vol. 62(3), August 2016, pp. 517-545. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Too Risk Averse to Purchase Insurance? A Theoretical Glance at the Annuity Puzzle (with Antoine Bommier). Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, Vol. 48(2), April 2014, pp. 135-166. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Incomplete Markets, Liquidation Risk and the Term Structure of Interest Rates (with Edouard Challe and Xavier Ragot). Technical Appendix. Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 148(6), November 2013, pp. 2483-2519. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Comparative Risk Aversion: A Formal Approach with Applications to Saving Behaviors (with Antoine Bommier and Arnold Chassagnon). Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 147(4), July 2012, pp. 1614-1641. [abs] [bib] [pub]

Permanent Working Papers

Recursive Preferences and the Value of Life: A Clarification (with Antoine Bommier and Daniel Harenberg). January 2021. [abs] [bib]

A Robust Approach to Risk Aversion (with Antoine Bommier). September 2014. [abs] [bib]

Nelson and Siegel, No-Arbitrage and Risk Premium. February 2008. [abs] [bib]